Mack by Mackmyra

Mack by Mackmyra

Volume 70 cl / Alc 40% Vol

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Mack by Mackmyra

MACK by Mackmyra is an artisanal single malt whisky made from only Swedish ingredients. MACK is great in cocktails but also on its own, straight or on the rocks. 

It is a flavourful whisky with a bright, fresh character and notes of vanilla, pear and citrus.

Nose: The nose is fruity and elegant, with aromas of citrus and pear. It has a soft touch of vanilla oak and a slight spiciness, with herbal notes of anise, mint and vanilla. 

Taste: The palate is fresh and fruity with a spicy character of pear, citrus and a soft touch of vanilla oak. 

Aftertaste: Short with notes of sugar, vanilla and spiciness. 

Mack Punch 

The pear and whisky DNA carries the main profile here, with elegant and aromatic spices from the poached pear pairing off the vanilla and fruit characteristics.

- 50ml MACK by Mackmyra 
- 50ml sparkling pear juice 
- 20ml poached pear syrup 
 (100ml water, 250ml cinnamon syrup, 2 x chai tea bags, 2g salt: bring to simmer on a hob for 10 minutes)
- 10ml lemon juice

Mack Whisky Highball

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rudolf Rempel
Immer wieder gerne

Lief alles super.

Olivier CHOCAT

J'en consomme et j'en offre...

Nikolay Kazakov

Top. Sehr fruchtig

Marco Kleinert

Very light and easy going. This is a delight, a very nice drinkable whisky. Highly recommended.

Great satisfaction

On the way through half of Europe, the consignment got a little stuck and traveled here and there, but eventually arrived. Importantly - it was perfectly packaged so nothing happened to the contents. You definitely don't have to order even hundreds of kilometers away :-) And most importantly - the content is really very high quality, comparable to the best Irish, Scottish and Japanese distilleries and let the devil take me if that's not true :-)

Gavin B.
Fantastic Whiskey

Very light and easy going, yellow bananas notes

Katie F.
Great whiskey! Quick delivery too!

Great whiskey! Quick delivery too!

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