Skogshallon~Raspberry Wine Finish
Skogshallon~Raspberry Wine Finish

Raspberry Wine Finish

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Volume: 70 cl / Alc: 44.4% vol.

Limited Edition: 1511 Bottles Produced

Moment Skogshallon (Forest Raspberry) is a wonderful summery whisky with soft taste of red berries which brings thoughts to Swedish summer. The whisky is a Swedish single malt whisky partly finished in ex-bourbon casks saturated with wine made of Swedish wild raspberries.

Skogshallon has also been seasoned with whisky from new American Oak cask and the result is a natural berry and fruity whisky with notes of red berries, vanilla, sourish caramels, tobacco leaves and toasted oak casks. Our Master Blender Angela D’Orazio has with our finest casks created an exclusive whisky with the taste of Swedish summer berries.

Nose: Natural and soft berries and fruity with strawberries, citrus and pear caramel, vanilla, ginger, white pepper and toasted oak cask.

Taste: Fruit and berry with sourish red caramels, pear caramel and elements of mild tobacco leaves and oak casks.

Aftertaste: Soft aromas of sour caramels, vanilla and tobacco leaves.

American Oak, 350 L
Ex-Bourbon 100 L

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