Cask 5956~Smoky Ex-Oloroso~42.2% ABV

Cask 5956
Smoky Ex-Oloroso
42.2% ABV


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Smoky, Ex-Oloroso Whisky, Matured in the Forest Warehouse. 48 Bottles at 42.2% abv.


This is a Smoky recipe whisky matured in an Ex-Oloroso cask for 8 Years, 8 Months in the Forest Warehouse. A total of 48 bottles have been produced with an Abv of 42.2%. The average price per bottle is £57.45

InformationCask Info
Cask RecipeSmoky
Cask TypeEx-Oloroso
WarehouseForest Warehouse
Cask Filling Date13/01/2010
Cask Bottling Date26/9/2018
Total Time in Cask8 Years, 8 Months
Alcohol (ABV)42.2%
Number of bottles48
Average Price per Bottle£57.45

Recipe: Smoky

Mackmyra is one of the few distilleries in the world which self-produces its smoky distillate. Both malting and smoking take place in a facility situated close to the distillery using Swedish-grown barley and peat drawn from the nearby Karinmossen (Karin bog). And to add a further Swedish dimension to the smoky flavour, the glowing peat is seasoned with brittle juniper twigs. The result is a complex, well-balanced whisky with a powerful smokiness.

Cask Type: Ex-Oloroso

The Oloroso cask is made out of american oak and then saturated with Oloroso wine to give notes of raisin, dried fruit, wine, dark chocolate and grapes. The characteristics of the cask makes for a sweet, round and mellow flavour and a beautiful dark red colour to the liquid.

Maturation Warehouse: Forest Warehouse

Together with the first cask owners we started building the Forest warehouse in the summer of 2009, which opened the year after when the first casks from the Ambassador campaign moved in. The Forest warehouse lies in the woods next to our Gravity distillery.

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