Cask 4190~Smoky Swedish Oak~44.6% ABV

Cask 4190
Smoky Swedish Oak
44.6% ABV


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Smoky, Swedish Oak Whisky, Matured in the Bodås Mines. 57 Bottles at 44.6% abv.


This is a Smoky recipe whisky matured in a Swedish Oak cask for 6 Years, 2 Months in the Bodås Mines. A total of 57 bottles have been produced with an Abv of 44.6%. The average price per bottle is £65.82

InformationCask Info
Cask RecipeSmoky
Cask TypeSwedish Oak
WarehouseBodås Mines
Cask Filling Date14/12/2011
Cask Bottling Date16/02/2018
Total Time in Cask6 Years, 2 Months
Alcohol (ABV)44.6%
Number of bottles57
Average Price per Bottle£65.82

Recipe: Smoky

Mackmyra is one of the few distilleries in the world which self-produces its smoky distillate.Both malting and smoking take place in a facility situated close to the distillery using Swedish-grown barley and peat drawnfrom the nearby Karinmossen (Karin bog). And to add a further Swedish dimension to the smoky flavour, the glowing peatis seasoned with brittle juniper twigs.The result is a complex, well balanced whisky with a powerful smokiness.

Cask Type: Swedish Oak

Whisky matured on Swedish Oak recieved a deep, dark colour. The taste has a spiciness, balanced by a sweetness that reminds us of caramelized sugar. The casks are handcrafted and charred to really get the flavours from the wood. Our rarest and perhaps most exciting cask.

Maturation Warehouse: Bodås Mines

In the south of Gästrikland is our largest and oldest whisky warehouse located, surrounded by a mighty forest. In here, the whisky is securely matured, 50 meters below ground in the mountain. Originallly built to extract ore, the space is now given to a more precious product.

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