Moment Källa

Volume 70 cl / Alc 53.4% Vol


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Moment Källa
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Moment Källa

Källa is an elegant Swedish malt whisky with delicious cask notes and flavours of berries, butterscotch and Swedish oak. The character comes from a larger part of our older, larger casks and Swedish oak

Nose: Berry and spicy with peppery cask notes.

Taste: Fruity, berry and spicy with prominent butterscotch and a soft spicy oakiness. 

Summary: Long, herbal and spicy.y.

The Moment Edition Story

Down in Bodås mine, thousands of casks are stored which are periodically quality tested by Mackmyra's Master Blender, Angela D'Orazio. During her trips to the mine, she sometimes encounters some casks that stand out from the rest, and these casks deserve to be bottled as they are or in an edition with an extra clear vision. Due to this reason Mackmyra created the exclusive series called Moment.

Here, Mackmyra's most special casks and recipes come into their own. Each edition has a very limited amount bottles that are released and you can expect at least one new Moment edition per year. 

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