Volume 70 cl / Alc 46.1% Vol


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Mackmyra Midnattssol is a new limited edition whisky, created for bright summer nights. With it’s unique birch sap finish, it is a new experience for both connoisseurs and novice drinkers. Matured in sherry and bourbon casks, as well as combination casks made from American and Swedish oak, the finishing touch comes from casks which previously stored wine made from birch sap.

Nose: Intensely fruity, berry, tart and floral with aromas of elderflower, birch sap, pears and citrus and a soft oak with a nice spiciness and herbal notes

Taste: Floral, tangy and fruity with a slight spiciness where vanilla caramel, pear and citrus are combined with a delicate, spicy, oaky flavor.

SummaryThe aftertaste is soft, fruity, lightly oaky, spicy and spicy

Seasonal Range

Mackmyra Seasonal Range includes two new expressions each year, coinciding with the season they are released. These have included examples of innovative cask finishes, showcasing Mackmyra's 'Explorer's in Whisky'. The series also includes close collaborations with beverage producers such as Masi, Plantation Rum and Christian Drouin.

Some examples of popular finishing stocks throughout the year include barrels that previously carried green tea, mulled wine, Amarone, cloudberry wine, rum, cherry wine and birch wine.

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Mackmyra Grönt Te is one of our most innovative creations to date

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