Kreatör Tonic 2 Pack

Kreatör Tonic 2 Pack

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2x 200 ml, Alc 0% vol.
Mackmyra Kreatör tonic is an organic tonic developed together with our friends at Swedish Tonic especially for our two gins, Organic and Kreatör. 

When creating this tonic our goal was to only use natural and organic ingredients, with a balance between citrus, spice and sweetness. To give a bit of a kick we have gently spiced our tonic with juniper and pimento; classic tonic ingredients elevated with a hint of sweetness from agave syrup. To conclude the aesthetic, its light amber color tints occur naturally from the quinine bark of the cinchona tree. 

In combination, the tonic with its natural orange, lime and lemon fruit juices complement and enhance our gin's citrus notes, creating a crisp, clean and refreshing G&T best served over ice with a slice of lemon. 


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