Product Description - Ready Casks

What exactly am I buying? Does it include Duty, VAT, Delivery?

The price of 'Ready Casks' is every bottle of single 30 litre cask, bottled at cask strength, labelled with a basic design, with all duty, tax and delivery to one address in the UK. The number of 50 cl bottles available in each casks is included in the cask description

Can I buy the cask? If so, How much extra does that cost?

Yes you can buy the cask, but as prices vary please get in contact discuss the price of the specific cask you're interested in. Casks are not sold separately. 

What do the bottles look like once I purchase them?

Product Description - Reserve Casks

What exactly am I buying? Does it include Duty, VAT, Delivery?

Reserve casks are paid in two parts.; the first to Mackmyra Swedish Whisky Ltd (Mackmyra) to join the Reserve Cask scheme, and the second for UK Excise Duty and Duty VAT.The first payment to Mackmyra includes the recipe choice, cask type, location choice, maturation management, access to the Cask Web system and insurance. This payment also includes the matured spirit, bottling, standard labeling and delivery to one UK address once the spirit is ready. It does not include the emptied cask.The final payment is only for UK Excise Duty and it's VAT, invoiced through Mackmyra and paid before delivery. This figure can only be calculated and declared once it is known exactly what quantity and spirit strength the cask produced after bottling.

How much will Duty and VAT be?

As of October 2020, a cask producing 48 bottles at 52% abv would have a UK Duty and VAT fee of £430. This is at current alcohol duty rate of £28.74 per litre of alcohol declared. 

Can I buy the cask? If so, How much extra does that cost?

Yes you can buy the cask you matured your spirit in, but prices for each cask vary and will not be known until after the spirit has been removed. Please discuss this at bottling time to find out your physical cask price.An alternative is that you can lay the cask down again with a different recipe and begin your journey again.

What do the bottles look like once I purchase them?


Can this product only be delivered to the UK?

Shipping is included for one address in the UK (please request a quote for split shipping).

Standard Europe Shipping for Casks: France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic

For more information on shipping, please read the Shipping Policy

How long will delivery take?

Ready Casks require labelling and shipping and therefore delivery can take up to 12 weeks. Reserve casks require a maturation time of at least three years, but once bottled will take a similar amount of time for delivery.

Labels and Names

Can I add a basic label? If so, what does this look like?

For Ready casks, just click on the label customisation tool at time of purchase, this is part of the purchase process. You can add text and/or a logo or image to your design.Reserve cask owners will be sent a similar link once it has been decided to bottle the cask.

Can I split the cask between friends and each of us have a different label?

Due to the small label run size we can only offer one label design per cask. You are welcome to split the cask (for both Ready and Reserve Cask Products) between individuals, but we do ask for a nominated person for a point of contact.

What can I name the whisky?

We encourage our customers to come up with creative and personal names for their whisky. However there are a rules and regulations for naming products including trade marks, intellectual property rights and geographic representation. If necessary, Mackmyra reserve the right to refuse the name of a whisky

If I make my own label, what information needs to be included?

Yes, we do work with creative individuals who want to include their own personally designed label. However, there are rules and regulations around labelling whisky in the EU which must be observed. As with naming the whisky (see below) Mackmyra reserve the right to refuse any design, and the labels must be printed and applied by Mackmyra before delivery. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Will you design a label for me?

Of course! As more people have specific ideas it's best to get in contact with us to discuss this.

I own a shop/restaurant/company/brand, can you make a whisky for us?

Mackmyra offer a Private Brand product allowing individuals, companies, groups and wholesalers to create their very own whisky. We can create individual cask runs of 48 bottles, through to 10,000 bottles or more for a specific event, group or brand. Contact us for further details.


Is the whisky mine to sell?

Yes, you have the right to trade and sell your bottles. However, alcohol sales are controlled in the UK and you must have the correct license in place as well as abide by laws and regulations to perform this activity. Mackmyra UK cannot advise, nor assist with this.

Can I sample the whisky beforehand?

In regards to the Ready casks, we are happy to send samples where possible, although these may be limited and not available for every cask. We charge £25 per sample including delivery, up to 4 samples (£100). In addition to the samples, we will also include a personal discount code equal to the sample price paid to be used when you complete your cask purchase. Please contact us if you'd like to arrange this.

For Reserve casks, we run Whisky Tastings throughout the UK where you can sample some of our finished casks and talk to a us about the process. Check out our events pages or Facebook page for more information

Can I ‘cut’ the whisky down to 40% and get more bottles?

Unfortunately not, for consistency the product we are providing is cask-strength, single cask whisky. We cannot reproof, reblend, add additives or change the product's contents in any way.

If I buy the cask, can I put the whisky back in and mature it longer?

Any cask purchased from us is for decorative use only. If you are interested in maturing your whisky for longer, please get in contact with us and we can discuss options where your whisky can be matured or finished in a safe, secure and controlled manner.