Cask 37133~Elegant Gravity~57.6% ABV

Cask 37133
Elegant Gravity
57.6% ABV


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Elegant, Gravity Whisky, Matured in the Forest Warehouse. 49 Bottles at 57.6% abv.


This is an Elegant recipe whisky matured in a Gravity cask for 4 Years, 10 Months in the Forest Warehouse. A total of 49 bottles have been produced with an Abv of 57.6%. The average price per bottle is £60.02

InformationCask Info
Cask RecipeElegant
Cask TypeGravity
WarehouseForest Warehouse
Cask Filling Date04/04/2013
Cask Bottling Date12/02/2018
Total Time in Cask4 Years, 10 Months
Alcohol (ABV)57.6%
Number of bottles49
Average Price per Bottle£60.02

Recipe: Elegant

Mackmyra’s elegant recipe is characterised by the following groups of flavours: fruity, with notes of citrus and pear. Spiciness with notes of aniseed, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. Herbs, with notes of tobacco leaves, grass and pepper, as well as nutty, with notes of almond. The elegant recipe is the perfect choice for those looking to fully release the oakiness of the cask.

Cask Type: Gravity

The whisky is matured in casks with a body of newly emptied bourbon casks and 'top and tailed' with fresh Swedish oak from the island Visingsö. The result is a beautiful blend of the vanilla notes from the bourbon casks and herbal spice from the Swedish oak.

Maturation Warehouse: Forest Warehouse

Together with the first cask owners we started building the Forest warehouse in the summer of 2009, which opened the year after when the first casks from the Ambassador campaign moved in. The Forest warehouse lies in the woods next to our Gravity distillery.

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