Cask 34840~Elegant Gravity~47.9% ABV

Cask 34840
Elegant Gravity
47.9% ABV

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Alcohol 47.9%
Recipe Elegant
Cask Gravity
Warehouse Bodås Mine
Filling Date 14/08/2012
Bottling Date 11/02/2019
Number of Bottles 43
Total Price £2,527
UK Alcohol Duty (Included) £717
Price per Bottle £58.77

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When a whisky is not peaty, we call it Elegant. If fruity notes is what makes your mouth water, this is the way to go. The Elegant recipe lets the base sweetness from the barley come forward and gives you a soft and delicate whisky with a round base and fresh fruity touch.


Bodas Mines

In the south of Gästrikland is our largest and oldest whisky warehouse located, surrounded by a mighty forest. In here, the whisky is securely matured, 50 meters below ground in the mountain. Originallly built to extract ore, the space is now given to a more precious product



The whisky is matured in casks with a body of newly emptied bourbon casks and 'top and tailed' with fresh Swedish oak from the island Visingsö. The result is a beautiful blend of the vanilla notes from the bourbon casks and herbal spice from the Swedish oak.